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Protege GX is an enterprise level integrated access control, intrusion detection and building automation solution with a feature set that is easy to operate, simple to integrate, and effortless to extend.

Designed around the end user's needs with an intuitive and user friendly interface, Protege GX is loaded with features that enhance the system further and provide true benefit to any organization. Flexible license packs are available for doors, cameras, and many other features and integration packages, enabling you to easily extend your system as your business grows.

Feature Highlights
- Integrated access control, intrusion detection and building automation
- Flexible system architecture ensures operationalredundancy and scalability
- Graphicalfloor plans provide a visualrepresentation of your site
- Fully customizable status pages
- Comprehensive reporting and powerfulreport filtering
- Integrations with an extensive range ofthird party systems add value to existing technology and infrastructure investment
- Flexible licensing model helps sites to grow and expand
- A comprehensive range of licensed inclusions and optional features enables easy customization to the unique needs of each site

Protege GX Muster Report License
- Allows organizations to create muster reports to quickly identify who is in a defined area by listing all users that have entered and/or exited via the readers associated with a door