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The Protege Alphanumeric LCD Keypad provides a user friendly human interface to the Protege integrated system, delivering seamless and powerful integration of access control, security and building automation. In addition to sophisticated access features the keypad incorporates system monitoring and control. Authorized users are able to perform arming and disarming, monitor inputs, control outputs and manage user access, all from the convenience of the keypad.

Key Features
- Securely log in with customizable user codes
- Support for dual credential authentication with ID and PIN or card reader and PIN
- Customizable display options
- Users conveniently update PIN codes at the keypad
- Advanced users can add, modify and delete users to quickly provide or withdraw user access
- Time & attendance display option
- Intuitive menu provides scrollable options according to user security level, with quick access keys for the power user
- Dual code and master code provider functions for secure ATM and banking vault area access with automatic timeout and delayed opening functions
- Individual reportable duress code trouble for each LCD Keypad
- Activation of a reportable panic event