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Please Note, when your order you the specify the code, and it is stamped on the barrel of the lock or on the key, and starts with an A

Lockwood MT5 provides the highest possible level of protection against illegal key duplication via the revolutionary Alpha spring. In addition every Lockwood MT5+ key will be covered by patent protection well into the future.

Each MT5+ lock incorporates three security mechanisms

Alpha Spring
- At the tip of the key is a revolutionary mobile interacting spring, the Alpha Spring. The Alpha Spring engages a unique pin at the rear of the cylinder mechanism creating another shear line.

Telescopic Pin
- This new generation product is also based on a new configuration telescopic pin technology.

Locking Bar
- The Locking Bar mechanism is the third technology featured in the MT5+ cylinder. Correct alignment of the locking bar pins depends upon the correct combination key being inserted into the cylinder. The milled pattern which runs along the length of the key interacts with the top bar horizontal pins, creating the required shear line.