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RMD 3200 Electric Strike - Fail Secure

Designed and engineered in Australia by RMD Innovations, this ingenious strike has a range of features to add greater flexibility and security to your installations. Incorporating a keyed cylinder in the body, the RMD strike gives the ability to lock out the access control system quickly and easily in the event of an emergency or lost credential situation.

In the event of a hardware or system failure, users can still open the strike by turning and holding the key in an anti – clockwise direction. This releases the lip of the strike to allow access. The strike returns to its normal state of operation after the key has been removed.

The RMD strike is ideal for use in all areas such as: Schools, Government, Commercial, Retail and Petrol Station.

- Lockout function
- Key Override function
- Non- Monitored
- Fail Secure
- 12v (24v available)
- Can be keyed to restricted systems (use 001 inner barrel)
- Continuously rated solenoid
- Cycle tested to 500,000 operations
- Industry standard footprint
- Keyed 6-pin cylinder
- Supplied with mounting blocks and screws