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RMD 3800 Verroo Smart Mortice Strike - Battery Powered

The Verroo smart range of locking devices has been designed with security, flexibility and convenience in mind. Utilising Bluetooth technology with AES128 encryption you can be sure when communicating and sharing access to your Verroo, you are doing so securely and with zero web presence.

The Verroo Smart Mortice Strike shares the industry standard electric strike footprint and is an ideal solution for your commercial premises. It is a perfect solution where the premises existing access control system is no longer working. Unique to the Verroo Smart Mortice is the optional ordering addition of a key operated lock out cylinder giving the ability to quickly lock out all eKey access in an emergency situation.

Verroo provides many flexible eKey options for access to your device, permanent access for family, one time use for trades and timed access for regular visitors are all available. With up to 1000 users able to be enrolled per device and each with varying access levels the Verroo strike is suitable for small, medium and large applications.

- Controlled by the Verroo App
- 3 Access levels, Owner, Admin and Normal
- Up to 30 users
- Timed access eKeys
- Passage Mode
- Customisable unlock time
- 1,000 Event audit trail
- Key lockout function available
- 3v, CR2 battery (included)
- Battery life: 1 year or 40,000 open/close cycles
- Static current: 75µA
- Battery saving features
- Battery life indicator in App
- Operating environment -25°C to +60°C
- Standards and compliance: SL8 (Security) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2:1993)
- iOS, Android compatible