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Finally a Bluetooth controlled smart locking solution that sits
discretely in the door frame, allowing your choice of door furniture
or no handle/lockset at all!
The 3900 Series is a stainless steel bodied smart strike is built to the
200 series footprint commonly used in the access control market.
It features serious security by design rated, S8 for strength and
class leading 1200 Newton Meters impact resistance.


1 x CR2 Battery powered. Easy to replace by end user.
Battery life expectancy is approximately 1 year or
40,000 open/close cycles. Up to 3 years standby.
Bluetooth low energy (BLE) control and management.
Capacity of up to 1,000 users.
Retains over 1,000 events rolling audit trail. EKey
communications are end-to-end encrypted, using military
grade AES standards - Verroo app.
Rated S8 for Strength, D8 for durability: 500K Cycles.
Tested to 1200 Newton Meters impact resistance.
Working temperature range is -25˚C to +60˚C.
Independently assessed by Warrington Fire to AS1905.1:2015.


The standard model is powered by a single CR2 Battery and is also
available in 12VDC powered version where the on-board battery
maintains approximately 12 month battery back up.
12VDC version is 3900/3-N-BK-12-N

Software / App Support

The Verroo open platform approach allows your choice of
app or software control. 3900 models come standard with Verroo

The native Verroo app is a cloud free ekey management solution
that utlises AES military grade encryption.
Owners and assigned admins can issue programmable ekeys
providing either unrestricted access, or time-of-day, day-of-week and
expiry date/time restrictions.
The Smart Core maintains current user rights list as well as rolling
audit trail.
Ideal for smaller deployments., SME business, Domestic applications
More at
license free native app. See website for enterprise control options.